Testimoni "oversea" tentang VIVIX Shaklee : STAY YOUTHFUL and FIT, VIVIX IS A MUST!!!

Korang jangan tak tahu, vivix ni sebenanya SANGAT TERKENAL di negara omputih. Hmm, malas dah Fai nak cerita panjang, bacalah sendiri apa kata mereka yang dah mengambil ‪#‎Vivix‬ ni... 

What to expect with Vivix? Results will be different for each person depending on their state of health. I have been in very good health so my “noticeable” results did not happen quickly.
It took a good 4-6 MONTHS for me to DISCOVER that my joints were much more flexible and my brown spots had lessened. KEEPING OUR BODIES HEALTHY AT THE "CELLULAR" LEVEL IS EXTREMELY VALUABLE.
For those who want to STAY YOUTHFUL and FIT as long as possible, VIVIX IS A MUST!!! It’s all about impacting the process going forward, as well as reversing as many existing negatives as possible.
For those in more fragile health, Vivix may detoxify to the extent you experience a temporary negative reaction. As Dr. Shaklee said, “When starting a supplement program you might ‘raise a little dust’ before you get the house clean."
Be patient and persevere to ultimate HEALTH

Vivix sebotol cuma RM475 dan boleh bertahan sehingga 2 bulan. 
Perlaburan yang SANGAT BERBALOI untuk kesihatan kita. 
Dapatkan penjimatan sehingga RM90 dengan setiap pembelian Vivix, hanya untuk Julai 2015 sahaja.. (>_____<)

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