Rentetan kes pelajar meninggal dunia... Akhirnya sudah terjawab oleh Pihak Shaklee sendiri..

Kecoh tentang kematian seorang pelajar yang dikatakan ada kaitan dengan produk Shaklee. Pihak Shaklee dah pun menjawab spekulasi tersebut...

"Shaklee's ‪#‎ALFALFA_COMPLEX‬ has been marketed for over 50 years, with tens of millions of daily servings safely consumed by more than a million consumers WITHOUT ADVERSE EFFECT. Shaklee's Alfalfa Complex is a formulation comprised of HIGHLY PURE ALFALFA, which is considered a super-food providing an array of vitamins, minerals, flavonoids and fiber.

At Shaklee, we stand behind the excellent safety profiles of all of our products. Over the last 60 years, Shaklee products have been same of the most tested and safest product in the industry. We conduct more than 80,000 tests every year to guarantee the purity and safety of each of our products.

Our Shaklee nutritional supplements are formulated based on clinical and epidemiologic research and are safely consumed by hundreds of thousands of consumers globally each year. They are designed to supplement a healthy lifestyle, fill in nutritional gaps that may occur and help support optimum function  of the body

Haa tu dia Pihak Shaklee dah bagi kenyataan tentang ALFALFA COMPLEX Shaklee... tak perlu ragu-ragu lagi dah kerana Alfalfa Complex ni DIJAMIN 100% yang asli dan semulajadi. Bukan Alfalfa je, tapiii KESEMUA PRODUK SHAKLEE ADALAH SELAMAT DAN SEMULAJADI..

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